We would like all our customers to enjoy their meal.
We sincerely welcome all our customers to Unawa with open hearts.
We strive to provide dishes that you can enjoy at ease.
This is why Unawa was born.
We will always do our best to serve you with gratitude.
Our restaurant has a modern Japanese atmosphere and offers private rooms, making it suitable for groups, families, and individuals.Please try Unawa’s dishes.

High-quality rice from Nagano Prefecture and the well matured eel cooked with our special sauce. 

Please enjoy the rice and eel, both cooked with great attention to detail. 

We want everyone to have a taste…

To all of our customers

we sincerely want you to feel at ease… 

We want to provide you with dishes that you can enjoy peacefully… 

It is with these feelings that Unawa began…

We will serve you wholeheartedly without forgetting our feelings of gratitude… 

From our sauce to our rice, the tea before or after the meal, we pay attention to every detail,

You can enjoy your meal in our relaxed atmosphere.